HL Photography

    My name is Heather Lynthlin. I am owner of HL Photography. I am a photographer who specializes in the portraits of couples, families and children of all ages. My passion is not just photography, it is capturing those moments that you remember vividly or those you may have missed.

    There is such beauty in being able to capture that tender moment through the eyes of a camera lens that will stay with you forever. I feel that the best pictures are captured when you are just being yourself. My goal is to capture my subjects in their truest spirit. I want the images that I take to reflect who you are. If you feel like crying, cry. If you feel like dancing, dance. I don't stage moments, and I don't like to pose. My images are honest and real. I love to capture who you are.

    I am a photographer by passion, I really can’t imagine doing anything else in this life that I would be more passionate about. I get to meet new people almost everyday, photograph and capture the beauty in all of these wonderful people and places and it is what drives me to keep learning and practicing the art! If you’d like to step in front of my camera and experience the percolation effects of my love, shoot me an email or call me. I’d be happy to hear from you.

    Email: hlynthlin@gmail.com
    Cell: 706-980-3202

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